Mom, I’m going to build governance software when I grow up!

Said no kid ever. But hold on, don’t let your eyes gloss over so fast—our work is undeniably interesting, once you just scratch the surface. The problems are complex and multifarious, but finding solutions is exciting and satisfying. Of the agile mindset, we deploy new code weekly. Here at Build Galvanize, we hope to give you a glimpse inside our doors. So, let’s solve these problems and build it better.

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Peek behind the curtainBuild Blog

Our team does some pretty impressive stuff. When we get the time, we like to share some of the lessons we've learned with each other and the community at large.

Forming Software Development Teams

You are a Software Development Manager — or similar — that has been assigned the task to ramp up a software development team. You have a group of people with different backgrounds and technology exper...

Message Queues in Database Transactions

Like many scalable SaaS applications, the HighBond platform from Galvanize uses an event-driven architecture. When a state change is made within one service (such as updating a record in the user modu...

Building a Low Effort, High Impact Prototype for Hackfest: Online Code Editor for ACLScript

ACLScript is a scripting language, similar to SQL used for various data analysis purposes. It is processed by Galvanize’s Analytics engine on the various Galvanize platforms, one of which is the ACL R...

The three-course meal from ACL — my experience as a co-op student

The three-course meal from ACL — my experience as a co-op student

Hi, It’s Azmarie,

a Business/Computing Science student at Simon Fraser University. I just finished my incredible 4-month co-op with ACL ...

Redesign recycling: A design thinking odyssey

A healthy middle school cafeteria, a toy to learn coding, and the first wearable breast pump — what do they all have in common? Design thinking. Since I first learned about design thinking back in 201...

Learn You a Linter for Great Good!

Have you ever found yourself working on a React component and seeing one of these pesky warnings?

'foo' is missing in props validation (react/prop-types)

You may know that these come from an ESLint plug...

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The bleeding edge of the web & mobileHow We Build

We are a polyglot shop building a Governance Platform that is deployed across the web, iOS, Android, and Windows desktop, which means we have lots of opportunities to explore the latest technologies.

New languages, ideas and tools spread through our team not because they are mandated but because they improve our ability to deliver incredible value. We believe innovation breakthroughs come from experimentation and not being afraid to take risks and fail. One of our company values is Disruptive Innovation and we are not afraid to disrupt ourselves.

Some cool tools & technologies that we build with include:

react rails ruby nodejs scala java phoenix aws docker terraform postgresql mongodb angular gopher apple ios android dotnet visualstudio

Tooting our own hornKind of a big deal

We love our customers, and realize that their work is weighty. We love that our HighBond platform is bringing impactful change to 72% of the Fortune 500 and more than 900 government organizations around the world.

Our vision is to see our customers become the most sought-after professionals in their organization. It is our job to make software that transforms them into the super heroes they deserve to be.

Here are some of our 7,000+ customer organizations:

We've got spirit yes we do@wegalvanize

Being at Galvanize means you’re working in one of our awesome locations around the world. As a global company, we make sure our offices reflect our culture while having local flair.

We make spaces where you can connect, collaborate and create together with your teammates. When apart, you can leverage the best technologies like Zoom and Slack to make distance disappear.

Our locations are chosen to make your commute easier and are often surrounded by great restaurants. Many of them have amenities like rooftop patios, gyms and lounges where you can meetup with fellow Galvanites, get in a workout, or play a game and take a break from changing the world.

Our social groups organize regular cultural events, meetups, charity events and a few times a year (ok perhaps more than a few times) we throw parties to celebrate our accomplishments.

If you can imagine yourself working in a place where you have fun while having an impact, check out our careers page.

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Life at ACL is smooth paddling for our UX team. 🚣🏿‍♀️ #aclspirit #buildacl

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